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Idea of this tool is to help my sons with their issues with reading. Then read very slow but can easy learn by listen of spoken words so i found this way to help them to read and listen the same text in the same time. Application load text form clipboard then split it into paragraphs and if it speaks it is also showing current spoken text on screen.

Maybe this tool will be usefull also for you.


If you wish to download this file you can get it from Here

If you want maybe to change a tool or do something different form it feel free to get it from GitHub

[portfolio] Medison

For Medison – medical company we delivered system to support their patients database.

System has following functionality:

  1. Patients database
  2. Patients registration and schedule
  3. Patients history
  4. Documentation management

Bellow you can find few basic screens of system:


Technology stack:

  • Database – SQL Server
  • Client application – WPF

[portfolio] BMB Steering

For BMB Steering we (app-Consulting) prepared ERP database. Goal or our system was to replace existing excel planing sheets with system which will work until company will start to work with SAP. Second goal was also to teach users to work with systems.

Main processes supported with this system was:

  1. Master data managements with parts master data, BOMs, Routings and machinery configuration.
  2. Warehouse management with support automatic booking of materials based of routings configuration, and consignment stock management.
  3. Production management based on production orders.
  4. Quality management which supports quality tests, blocks and releases.
  5. Reporting. Advanced reporting based on loaded data and users requirement
  6. Production planing for each production step based on customer demands and stocks.

Bellow you can find few screenshots


Used technology stack:

  • Database – SQL Server
  • interface – Windows forms and WPF
  • integration – import/export exes files by COM objects

[portfolio] app.Faurecja.InventServer

As app-consulting we delivered very simple inventory solution for Faurecia in Gorzów Wlkp.

Application has two components

  1. Desktop server application which collects data from scanners and support export data to Excel files:


2. Windows CE application for motorola scanners which are used by warehouse employees to scan labels from goods.


Communication between modules works over HTTP – desktop application uses nancyFX server to serve REST api for scanner application.

To keep system as light as fast as possible all logics is on desktop application so scanner application is only an interface for data service

Technology stack:

  • Desktop app – WPF
  • Scanner app – compact freamework
  • NancyFX server
  • REST services for data communication
  • no database, all data are stored in Json files.

[portfolio] app.Wypozyczalnia

In app-consulting we offered to one of our client ipcars form Gorzow system to support car rental company.

Application contains complete database of cars and support car rental prices starting from registering client request to support car releasing and receiving form client.

Application has web based interface where all data are processed in calendar-like view. Look at screens below



Additionally employees who are responsible for cars management have android application to see which cars should be released to client and which has to be taken back.



Technology stack:

  • Database: SQL Server
  • backend: mvc webapi
  • frontent: html5, angularjs, bootstrap
  • android app: apache cordova hybrid app with ionic framework.

[Portfolio] voli.TPV.Containers2

As Voli we prepared application for TPV in Gorzów which supports logistics process. Application delivers workflow process for containers shipments. System should support transport containers form China to Europe and manage all necessary information in system.

Basic system functionality:

  • Containers workflow process
  • Users management
  • Data access limitation based on roles
  • Notifications

Example screens.



Technology stack:

  • Database: SQL server
  • backend: c# web api
  • frontend: html5, angular js, bootstrap



[Pomysły] taki sobie mały pomysł po wizycie w sklepie

Byłem z moją żoną w sklepie dwa dni temu i tam spotkałem kilka plakatów, które miały zachęcać do kupna produktów. A co gdyby te plakaty zastąpiono je tym: naciśnijcie 1+enter lub 2+enter lub 3+enter i zobaczcie co się stanie 😀

A teraz wyobraźcie sobie, że nie naciskacie klawiatury ale skanujecie metkę od ubrania!!!!