[New ideas] GTD application – first application sketch

This week company which i work for has organized training of Usabilit and UX which was provided by Witflow company. It was one of the best training i ever had and give me lot of new ideas how to improve my work as a software developer, and – what i think is even more important – how to present my ideas about new software to users. One of this ideas was to make sketches of application when you can show user how does application will look like and also i can make my ideas real.

To make useful exercise of sketching i decided to make a little more real my idea of having simple GTD application for me and few close friends.

So here is my sketch:


After spending some time on sketching i realized myself few interesting things:

  • it is much easier to show something on sketch then trying to tell about
  • if you are sketching something you can very easy verify your ideas and see is something is missing and fix it
  • it is good to watch your sketch in few zoom options

So right now my idea is a little bit real, only what i need is time to develop it