Simple reset connection of ZTE MF60 router for aero2 users in Poland

Aero2 service is very popular free internet access in Poland. It has one problem. Every hour you must put caputcha code and after this restart your modem to reset your session for next hour of internet browsing.

This is very annoying to restart device and then connect to network or each time to go to network settings in the device and then go to WAN settings and switch of and on connection again. So today i did small check how resetting connection from browser works in background and I created small jQuery script for everyone who want to have something easier.

This is quite easy solution, but unfortunately only one way – i can send a command but have no return from modem so you have to check your modem screen to see i connection is restarted. I hope it is not a big problem for you 😀

Ok, so now little piece of javaScript:

$.post(“”,{goformId:”LOGIN”, lucknum:”48636″, systemDate:””, save_login:”1″, languageSelect:”pl”, user:”admin”, psw:”admin”, save_login_enablebox:”on”});

$.post(“”,{goformId:”NET_CONNECT”, lucknum_NET_CONNECT:”48636″, dial_mode:”manual_dial”, action:”disconnect”, Submit_linkset:”Zastosuj”});

setTimeout(function(){ $.post(“”,{goformId:”NET_CONNECT”, lucknum_NET_CONNECT:”48636″, dial_mode:”auto_dial”, action:”connect”, Submit_linkset:”Zastosuj”}); },3000);

And this is all, just add this to small page when you link to jQuery and it is done.

In my example user and password is standard. admin/admin.