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Redesign of Lesson Plan application

Last few days i was working on redesign my Lesson plan application. I focused on two points. First was to change design to something new fresh and “flat”. Second goal was to make it more responsive. In old version i used jquery mobile framework which becomes very slow and user had all the time feeling like application is not fast enough. This itme i focuesd on angularjs and its mobile capabilities.

How it works now you can discover by playing with this clickable demo (if you are using windows check it in Google Chrome):

Before you start – add a child, edit child name and edit default timetable for lessons in your child school.

All data are saved locally in your browser. Application right now didn’t save anything on a web but i’m planing to release such functionality.

Please let me know your experiences with this design.

Basic concept of using dynamic CSS class exchange by angular scope data

Here is simple example how to support changing CSS definition of HTML objects by using very simple classes which covers only limited parts of object and then making dynamic assignment this classes to object based on angular scope data.

To do this i prepared very simple css file:

  box-shadow:0 0 10px gray;

in this css definition you can find classes which defines border of div component. There are separated classes of border type (solid/dashed) border width (1,2 or 3px) border color(silver,black or white) and box shadow (yes,no)

Now i have an angular controller class where i have properties which defines also this values

function test($scope){

Finally i have code where you can dynamically change which classes are active for each part of style and using binding capabilities of angularjs. All the magic is in this line:

<div class="div  {{shadow}} {{borderColor}} {{borderWidth}} {{borderType}}">

where i’m simply binding selected classes for each type.

Complete solution you can find here (example on plnkr.co):

Live a comment if you like this idea.

[Plunker] Presentation of very simple table sorting and filtering made by angularjs

Today i played a little bit with plunker and prepared very simple presentation how to add filtering and sorting features to simple html table using angularjs code. It is very basic example which does following things:
1. you can search for any string.
2. every column has search window to search data for this column
3. clicking on column name makes table sorted by selected column

if someone of you feel this example as useful then leave a comment 🙂