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[Web apps] Voli.Faktury

If you have a small company in Poland and you need to create an invoice sometimes maybe you are looking for an simple and easy tool when you can do this from web.

I also have this problem, but because i’m a software developer, i don’t like to use existing software and i like to do something my own. Specially if there is good occasion to build something interesting and test some exiting technologies 😀

So i did invoicing software which is available here and here is a screen.


In this tool you can create your invoice, save it and use it later. You don’t need to create database of clients or products, because if you want to create an invoice for someone who you already did just copy this invoice and paste it in new one. Idea is to have as less functionality as possible and make it to use as easy as it is.

Because it is still in beta stage, if you will register and want to use it, then let me know this because i need to know if i should care about your data.

Ok, some technical information. Here is done some of my favorite (for now;)) software technic and i did something what i personally call “onion programming”. We have following liers:

1. Data – data are stored in NoSQL Document database called Ndatabase. It is easy and great solution for embeded concept – just one library try it!!!

2. data access lier is ASP.NET MVC 4 application

3. data exchange lier it is JSON communication

4. data presentation lier is HTML with Bootstrap and jQuery

5. data binding is MVVM model supported by Knockout-js – great option if you have an experience with WPF or silverlight. Using Knockout and jQuery programming web applications is so easy as building fat client applications in WPF or WindowsForms.

If you have any technical questions or suggestions to this project, please let me know and i will try to answer you.