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Simple reset connection of ZTE MF60 router for aero2 users in Poland

Aero2 service is very popular free internet access in Poland. It has one problem. Every hour you must put caputcha code and after this restart your modem to reset your session for next hour of internet browsing.

This is very annoying to restart device and then connect to network or each time to go to network settings in the device and then go to WAN settings and switch of and on connection again. So today i did small check how resetting connection from browser works in background and I created small jQuery script for everyone who want to have something easier.

This is quite easy solution, but unfortunately only one way – i can send a command but have no return from modem so you have to check your modem screen to see i connection is restarted. I hope it is not a big problem for you 😀

Ok, so now little piece of javaScript:

$.post(“”,{goformId:”LOGIN”, lucknum:”48636″, systemDate:””, save_login:”1″, languageSelect:”pl”, user:”admin”, psw:”admin”, save_login_enablebox:”on”});

$.post(“”,{goformId:”NET_CONNECT”, lucknum_NET_CONNECT:”48636″, dial_mode:”manual_dial”, action:”disconnect”, Submit_linkset:”Zastosuj”});

setTimeout(function(){ $.post(“”,{goformId:”NET_CONNECT”, lucknum_NET_CONNECT:”48636″, dial_mode:”auto_dial”, action:”connect”, Submit_linkset:”Zastosuj”}); },3000);

And this is all, just add this to small page when you link to jQuery and it is done.

In my example user and password is standard. admin/admin.

My app in top chart

My application – plan lekcji – free version of Lesson plan makes me very surprised. I was looking for keynote application and i found out that my app is on 9th place of to chart of free apps in Poland.



I have no idea what to think about it, because this project is very old and i had no plan to update it. Do you think should i create new version of this app with something similar to this what i have in Lesson Plan?

Redesign of Lesson Plan application

Last few days i was working on redesign my Lesson plan application. I focused on two points. First was to change design to something new fresh and “flat”. Second goal was to make it more responsive. In old version i used jquery mobile framework which becomes very slow and user had all the time feeling like application is not fast enough. This itme i focuesd on angularjs and its mobile capabilities.

How it works now you can discover by playing with this clickable demo (if you are using windows check it in Google Chrome):

Before you start – add a child, edit child name and edit default timetable for lessons in your child school.

All data are saved locally in your browser. Application right now didn’t save anything on a web but i’m planing to release such functionality.

Please let me know your experiences with this design.

Basic concept of using dynamic CSS class exchange by angular scope data

Here is simple example how to support changing CSS definition of HTML objects by using very simple classes which covers only limited parts of object and then making dynamic assignment this classes to object based on angular scope data.

To do this i prepared very simple css file:

  box-shadow:0 0 10px gray;

in this css definition you can find classes which defines border of div component. There are separated classes of border type (solid/dashed) border width (1,2 or 3px) border color(silver,black or white) and box shadow (yes,no)

Now i have an angular controller class where i have properties which defines also this values

function test($scope){

Finally i have code where you can dynamically change which classes are active for each part of style and using binding capabilities of angularjs. All the magic is in this line:

<div class="div  {{shadow}} {{borderColor}} {{borderWidth}} {{borderType}}">

where i’m simply binding selected classes for each type.

Complete solution you can find here (example on

Live a comment if you like this idea.

[Plunker] Presentation of very simple table sorting and filtering made by angularjs

Today i played a little bit with plunker and prepared very simple presentation how to add filtering and sorting features to simple html table using angularjs code. It is very basic example which does following things:
1. you can search for any string.
2. every column has search window to search data for this column
3. clicking on column name makes table sorted by selected column

if someone of you feel this example as useful then leave a comment 🙂

[new ideas] using signalR to support long time consuming operations on server

In many situations i faced with problem when i have to make an operation which will be done on server side but this operation is very time consuming. For example reading structure for 100 parts from our ERP system. If i want to do it in one call from my web application then user starts process and for long time (e.g. 10 minutes) is not notified about what is really happening on server. In such situation user can start to think that something wrong happen and tries to make a call again for example.

Expected situation for me in that case would be to give user feedback that something is still going on server. Then user would know. Ok, it is time consuming process but still going well so i need to be patient.

Until today it was only a dream for me and i had no idea how to develop something like this.

But as you can find from this post i start to play a little with signalR. And today i made an experiment to see if signalR can help to solve this problem?

So i did an experiment and i know now that answer for this question is yes.

Here is how i did an experiment. You can implement your own solution as you want.

Setup on server side:

Web application with included signalR

Setup on client side:

Javascript application with jquery and knockout model in it.


On server i have hub named tester with following code:

Imports Microsoft.AspNet.SignalR 

Public Class tester
Inherits Hub

Public Sub hallo(id As String)
Clients.All.start("New client has loggin with guid: " + id)
End Sub

Public Sub test()
Clients.Caller.start("Starting at: " + Now.ToString)

For i = 0 To 30
Clients.Caller.step("Step: " + (i + 1).ToString + " " + Now.ToString)

Clients.Caller.koniec("Finish at: " + Now.ToString)
End Sub

End Class

My hub has two methods:

1. hallo – which get’s one attribute id – it is connection id and this methods send’s information for all connected clients that new user has been connected. it is only infomration method in our example.

2. test – this is right test method. At starts – sends information for client that process has been started, next makes fake long operation which is loop for 31 iteration. In loop it send’s information to client with step number of loop and freezes thread for 20 seconds. At the end sends information that process is finished. That means all process takes over 10 minutes. Which is enough long to make usual timeout.

Method test calls 3 different method on client side – start, step and finish

In client we have following application deffinition in Javascript.

function model() {
var m = this; = ko.observableArray();

m.startProcess = function () { info("Sending start call"));
myHub.server.test(); info("Start call done"));

function info(i) {
var m = this;
m.Text = ko.observable(i);

var myHub;

$(function () {

myHub = $.connection.tester;
myHub.client.start = function (o) { info(o));
myHub.client.step = function (o) { info(o));
myHub.client.koniec = function (o) { info(o));

var myModel = new model();
$.connection.hub.start().done(function () { myHub.server.hallo($;});


First we have knockout model with observable array named info and one method which send call of tester on server.

Next we have knockout object of info which just presents data from server.

Finnaly we have start definition:

First step is definition of hub object tester from server. Next is definition of handling events send from server for start, finish and step methods. Next is definition of knockoout model and applying bindings to web page. Finally start of connection and after connection is succeeded  then calling method hallo on server.

on page we have button which calls method startProcess and unsorted list which presents contains of info array. When user clicks button starting process then process on server is starting and server notifies each 20 seconds loop that something i still going on server and finally sends finish information.

Here is how it looks in browser when process will finish:


[new ideas] How to immediately transfer text note/url between two computers

In my work i have two computers which are connected to different networks. That means sometimes i’m faced with situation when i want to simply transfer some text or url data between this two computers. I don’t use any instant messenger so until today only one reasonable idea for me was to send e-mail message. This is ok, but a little bit uncomfortable because each time i have to create new message and i have lot of small emails with simple data.

So today i start to think about changing my life a little bit and make it little more comfortable. My decision was that it is great time to make an experiment with signalR project which is Microsofts idea to use realtime messaging on web.

I was thinking about it long time ago but i thought that it is little bit complicated and hard to implement so always i had no time to read and make a test. But today i decided that it is something very small so i can make a test. And result was very surprising for me because after 15 minutes i had ready application.

So application is very easy – it has only one input when i can put what i want to send and button “Wyślij” which means – Send.

When i push button then information which is in input box is send to every clients which has open this page. So i can have open many instances of this app and all of it will see my information.

Pages displays only what is posted right now and doesn’t remember any history.



Try it yourself – i hope you will have lot of fun

[livecoding] Simple menu on

Since few days i’m very impressed by page. I love this this page and i think it is very nice tool to make some prototyping for web.

To make a test i did small test today in i tried to build very small menu for web. This is my result

Zrzut_ekranu_19.05.2013_20_24If you want to see this example in reality please go to this page: do you like it?

[apps] Public test of speedway app on Android / publiczne testy aplikacji żużla na androida

If you want to test my speedway application on Android here is good time for it. Just download this apk and install it on your phone. Have fun and leave a comment here if you have any ideas or comments.


Jeżeli chcecie testować moją aplikację do żużla na Androidzie to teraz już możecie. Wystarczy ściągnąć ten plik apk i zainstalować go na swoim telefonie. Miłej zabawy i proszę o komentarze, jeżeli macie jakieś problemy lub sugestie.


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